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Inspired by the stoic beauty and independent nature of the large cats in the Panthera family, we believe in designing interiors that celebrate individuality and respect diversity. We look to create homes that reflect your personality and lived experiences. By placing you in the driver’s seat, we seek to empower through design and to create a space that speaks to who you truly are.


A portal of discovery. 

A glimpse of what could be. 

A place where you can lose - and find - yourself.

Welcome to the world of Panthera Interiors.

We’re here to tell your story.


Core Values

At Panthera, we rest upon five solid principles that can be summarised as Diversity, Freedom, Authenticity, Empowerment and Respect. 



Our aim is to empower the customers with whom we have the pleasure of working with, and leave a lasting impression on their minds and imagination. Our designs must inspire and elevate the hearts and minds of all those who lay eyes on it. Our long-term goals are always in line with our core values and includes always go one step further in delivering one's story – through an exclusive customer service to our clients.


“Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

We believe our strength lies in our diversity. Our mission is to create a conversation of acceptance, empowerment and respect towards one another. 

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